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Jax Is Hanging Out With Dean — OF COURSE!

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Controlling; angry; possessive; a cheater; believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Of course, we are describing the dreaded Dean from Gilmore Girls.

It only makes sense that Dean — Rory’s first boyfriend, hockey player, a member of Tom’s construction crew at the Dragonfly Inn, a man who was so angry at Rory all the time just because she wanted to go to college, and hang out alone, and make out with Jess — would leave Stars Hollow and make his way into the orbit of Jax Taylor the (former?) villain of Vanderpump Rules. Of course!

Also, Lance Bass was there — from *NSYNC!

Jax Taylor and Lance Bass are partners in promoting JAX, a.k.a. Just Add X: a line of cocktail mixers into which you just add x, meaning not MDMA but, instead, some sort of spirit. (Lance Bass is a friend of Lisa Vanderpump.) You would know this, too, about Just Add X, if you just added JAX on Instagram when Jax (the man) announced its existence in November 2018. However, we will not judge you as long as you promise to do better in the future.

They seem to have gotten rid of “THE CHEATER” since November, and have renamed “THE SEEDY KISS” to “BERRY SMASHED.” Sad.

The JAX team has been at SXSW this week promoting their allegedly soon-to-be available line of mixers. “We’ve all had that amazing cocktail where the mixologist seemed to be creating a masterpiece for our enjoyment,” explains the JAX website, re: what JAX is. “The taste? Delicious. If only we knew how to make that in the comfort of our home, tailgating, at the beach or on the slopes.” The site continues:

How would I ever begin? Enter Just Add X. Premium high-quality mixologist inspired remade mixes. Just add your favorite spirit, some ice, shake, and enjoy. There you have it. Did you ever think YOU would be a Mixologist? Now you are.

Okay. But why was the dreaded Dean at their event, hanging out with Jax?

Well. I have to say I’ve looked for minutes — minutes — and, okay, I can’t figure out why Dean was hanging out with the JAX team at SXSW. Sorry. Maybe he’s an investor, or maybe he was just there? Maybe he was thirsty? Maybe he was trying to demand Rory’s attention somehow, because he believed he was entitled to it regardless of what Rory wanted?

I did find out that Genevieve Padalecki, actor and wife of Jared Padalecki, was on a Dell panel at SXSW, however. And also that Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules follows him on Instagram. So maybe those are clues.

We’ve reached out to the JAX team for clarification, and will update when we hear back.

As you know, this is not quite right; Dean told Rory he’d moved from Stars Hollow to Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the final episode of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, so more accurately he would leave Scranton to join Jax’s orbit. However, I don’t accept his move to Scranton as canon; I see it as an affront from Amy Sherman-Palladino to me personally, as Scranton, Pnnsylvania, is my hometown. The rudeness is astonishing. I’m not sure what I did to Amy Sherman-Palladino but, as Stassi would say, “I’ll take a pinot grigio,” a pinot grigio meaning a second season of the revival.
Why Is Jax Taylor Hanging Out With Dean From Gilmore Girls?