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Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Seem to Have Had a Nice Time at a Hockey Game

Antoni Porowski, Kate Beckinsale, Pete Davidson.
Antoni Porowski, Kate Beckinsale, Pete Davidson. Photo: JD Images/REX/Shutterstock

Just days after it truly started to seem that Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson were getting serious about each other, the pair’s relationship heated up for all to see, whether or not we wanted to.

On Sunday evening, about two months after they are rumored to have met, Beckinson was photographed at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, where they were spotted cuddling and making out, with very copious amount of tongue. As evidenced by the photos of them sucking each other’s face, they enjoyed themselves at the game — a sentiment that maybe have not been shared by the person seated next to them, which just so happened to be Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye fame.

While Porowski is typically very smiley, during Beckinson’s makeout sesh (or at least one of them), a photographer captured him with furrowed brows, looking either nervous or perturbed or uncomfortable or a combination of those all. Perhaps this moment came at an especially tense moment in the game. Or maybe, Porowski was distracted and had something else on his mind.

What do you think he was thinking about? I have a few ideas:

• How few people treat eggplant “with the respect and kindness and love it deserves.”

• How many grams of sugar must’ve been in Tom’s Hillbilly Margarita.

• Where his beautiful boyfriend is.

• Rising avocado prices.

• Whether or not he wants to give into the temptation to buy the $19 fried chicken bucket.

• How his to-go cup of coffee is getting cold.

A Little Life.

• What he could possibly make next with Boursin cheese to satisfy his paid partnership.

• A world without plunging necklines.

• How it feels to sit new to two people making out with a very copious amount of tongue.

Hours after the above photo started to circulate, Porowski posted a picture of himself and Davidson to Instagram, which shed little insight on his mental state at the time of the hockey-frenching, but reaffirmed his love for his friend.

“Random pic of me and my frahnd no reason at all totes random love u Petey xo,” Porowski captioned the photo.

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