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Kate Middleton Is Friends With This Robot Now

(This is Kate Middleton.) Photo: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Life is interesting, isn’t it? One day it can be Monday, and Kate Middleton isn’t — so far, on that Monday — friends with any robots that you know of. The next day it can be Tuesday, and now, what’s this? Kate Middleton is friends with at least one robot.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth toured King’s College London on Tuesday to meet with students and watch robotics demonstrations, including that of robotic surgery. The event marked Kate and the queen’s first-ever solo outing together, without additional Royal family members in tow. It’s always very difficult to hang out one-on-one with a friend you’ve never hung out with alone before, and — I’m speculating, of course, but — I believe that is why Kate Middleton was so eager to meet and befriend this robot.

Hello, robot arm.
Hello, Kate Middleton.
I like your robot fingies.
I like your coatie dress.

Sleek and unfeeling in appearance; programmed to do its job without human error, or human emotion, getting in the way. An expanse of complexity just beneath its surface. You can see why the robot arm felt the connection it did.

The queen, however, did not very much like Kate Middleton’s new friend. Perhaps she felt threatened? Perhaps she was jealous of Kate Middleton’s ability to make a new friend when necessary. Perhaps she saw a new clique had formed, and her only choice was to pretend that being outside of it was her call.

It’s sad, really. But I’m at least happy for Kate and the arm.

Kate Middleton Is Friends With This Robot Now