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Don’t Ask Kylie Jenner About the Jordyn Woods Drama

Kylie Jenner.
Kylie Jenner. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV

Just over a month after the thorny Jordyn Woods–Tristan Thompson cheating scandal broke, Kylie Jenner is apparently making it clear that she wants to be removed from this narrative.

Kylie was never one to make her emotions publicly known over the allegation that her best friend — who was like a sister to her — kissed her actual sister’s boyfriend; now, a source has told Us Weekly that she’s gotten to a point where “doesn’t really want to talk about it” at all. In fact, she was so devastated by the situation that she reportedly took a break from filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians in the scandal’s aftermath, which is how you know it’s serious.

“Kylie doesn’t want to get involved with the Jordyn thing,” the source continued. “She was very upset about the situation with Jordyn and also just didn’t want to deal with it and have to address it.”

Per the source, Kylie’s simply trying to focus her time right now on her daughter, Stormi Webster, and her work, not a scandal in which she’s not directly involved. And, perhaps she would some day like to mend her friendship with Jordyn — probably not any time soon, but they’ve been best friends since grade school, and Kylie doesn’t have a whole lot of other close friends (who aren’t family members or famous).

Also, Kylie has her own cheating drama on her hands — and one scandal is one too many.

Don’t Ask Kylie Jenner About the Jordyn Woods Drama