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I Need This Eye Shadow As Soon As Possible

Photo: Courtesy of Allure

I was having trouble getting over this photo of Lizzo, but luckily Allure released this photo of Lizzo on their very first digital cover, and it’s all I’ve been able to think about since. Never have I ever wanted eye shadow so badly in my life, and never have I ever wanted it to be pastel.

Lizzo’s bright, shadow-heavy looks (there’s a light blue one and a red one, too) were all created by makeup artist Grace Ahn, whose Instagram account has an eye shadow brainwashing effect similar to the one emanating from this cover shoot.

“For the makeup, we wanted something that was colorful and very bold, but still felt elevated and expensive,” Ahn told the Cut. The end result was a lot of bright, brow-bone skimming, eye shadows and blush — both of which can trigger some unwanted ’80s flashbacks. But when paired with winged liner and lashes, the combo sends you straight to the ’60s. “The hair was very Aretha Franklin in the ’60s, and the Supremes in the ’60s; that combined with the amazing, retro Marc Jacobs dress that was custom made for her served as my jumping off point.”

Yes, time and trends are cyclical, but why does this look look so gosh darn modern? “You rarely think of soft, light colors when you envision a dramatic eye,” Ahn explained. In other words, let’s all hop on this trend while it still feels fresh.

Ahn recommends picking a lilac that speaks to you, because unfortunately, Lizzo Lilac doesn’t exist in its own pot. Ahn mixed five different shades from a variety of palettes including a really reflective silver from Mehron, a metallic purple from Cozzete, and an iridescent powder from Kat Von D’s extremely reflective palette. For a shortcut, Ahn recommends layering a holographic Kat Von D shadow over your lilac. Repeat the process under your lower lash line, draw a cat eye with NYX Epic Ink Liner on top, and slap on some corner lashes if you’re feeling fancy.

If you’re still soaking all this shadow in, Ahn recommends taking baby steps with the graphic liner look that’s so hot right now. “It’s less about the bright color and more about the amount of area the product is covering that makes it dramatic,” she explained. So, start with a single line close to your lash line. Then start drawing that line a bit thicker one day. Then start smudging that thicker line a few weeks later. Then start smudging that smudge bigger and bigger over time. “Just try it,” Ahn said assuredly. “It’s not going to be as much as you think.” Plus, you can always take it off.

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I Need Whatever Eye Shadow Lizzo’s Wearing on Allure’s Cover