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Martha Stewart Wore Marc Jacobs Grunge to Frost Easter Cookies

Martha Stewart. Photo: marthastewart/Instagram

When Marc Jacobs showed his infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis in the early ’90s, he was inspired by the skinny “slackers” of Seattle, Washington, with their plaid shirts, Dr. Martens boots, and slouchy beanie hats. The look couldn’t have been further from what high-fashion brands deemed “luxury” at the time, which is why the show ultimately got Jacobs fired. But therein lies the beauty of grunge: It’s remarkably unremarkable, until it isn’t.

This is perhaps why most people didn’t notice Martha Stewart wearing a Marc Jacobs grunge shirt to frost Easter-themed sugar cookies on Monday. In a new Instagram TV video titled, “Frosted,” the domestic goddess demonstrates what she calls the “Four D’s” of cookie embellishment — dipping, dripping, decorating, and drawing — while wearing a green plaid shirt from Marc Jacobs’s recently reissued “Redux Grunge” collection. At first glance, it could have been any old plaid shirt. But it wasn’t.

Originally, the look was worn tied haphazardly around a model’s waist. Martha Stewart gave it a more polished, well-lit spin for 2019. Still, she’s a grunge icon in our eyes. Can’t you smell the teen spirit, wafting from the screen? Or is that just the air of freshly baked goods?

Martha Stewart Wore Marc Jacobs Grunge to Frost Cookies