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T-Pain’s Reason for Picking the ‘Monster’ Costume on the Masked Singer Is Very Good

T-Pain and friends. Photo: FOX via Getty Images

I did not watch all of The Masked Singer. I personally couldn’t handle how the judges did not take their job of “guessing who was under the costume” seriously enough — plus, for a show about celebrities in elaborate costumes singing contemporary pop hits, it was, oh my God, so boring. However, I did love one guy on The Masked Singer during the two or three episodes I watched, and that guy was: the Monster.

Look at him there, singing “Stay With Me.” Haha. He was so cute!

The competition recently came to an end and it was revealed that the winner, Monster — as many had already guessed — was, in fact, T-Pain. As part of his Masked Singer victory lap, he stopped by Ellen where he revealed why he chose the adorable blue costume.

“I picked the worst costume to be in for that long because everybody else’s was a mask and just clothes,” he said. “I picked a cylinder for some reason and just a giant head.” Haha. It’s true, he did.

“We were picking the costumes and all the costumes were available,” he continued, “but I picked the silliest-looking one because I thought I was going to be gone on the first episode because I have a real distinct voice.” (This is what a reasonable person would think; however, guessing which celebrity was under the costume did not affect a celebrity’s standing at all, which is in my opinion another flaw in the concept of The Masked Singer.)

“So I felt like if I was going to embarrass myself I may as well take it to the highest level.”

Amazing. Great work, T-Pain. You picked a good costume.

I Love T-Pain’s Reason for Picking His Masked Singer Costume