Please Keep the Swarms of Influencers Off Our Pastel Street, Parisians Beg

Rue Crémieux in Paris. Photo: AP/REX/Shutterstock

The key to any good Instagram, of course, is a good backdrop, especially if said backdrop is a lavishly decorated building, or a picturesque row of pastel-painted houses. It’s not hard to see why Paris’s Rue Crémieux, then, has become something of an Instagram hotspot — to the distress of the street’s residents.

CityLab reports that residents living in the colorful homes on Rue Crémieux are so exasperated by the street’s popularity amongst Instagram influencers that they’re calling for Rue Crémieux to be closed to visitors during certain hours.

“We sit down to eat and just outside we have people taking photos — rappers who take two hours to film a video right beneath the window, or bachelorette parties who scream for an hour,” a resident told a local radio station. “Frankly, it’s exhausting.”

To that end, the residents are proposing that a gate be installed at the end of each opening to the street to block out nonresidents when foot traffic and noise are at their peak, during evenings and weekends.

Influencers really do love the street: The hashtag #ruecremieux has garnered over 31,000 (public) Instagram posts, and there’s even an entire Instagram account, @clubcremieux, devoted to “shit people do [on] rue Crémieux.”

But hey, influencing isn’t easy these days — and who can resist a good photo op in front of some pretty houses? This isn’t the first time pastel homes have gotten Instagram influencers into a tizzy, and it likely won’t be the last.

Please Keep Influencers Off Our Pastel Street, Parisians Beg