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Here’s a Great Deal on Pat McGrath’s Lipstick

Photo: Courtesy of Pat McGrath.

If you haven’t heard, the lipsticks by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath are great — creamy, rich, and long-lasting. And they look good on everyone, with plenty of shades to flatter every skin tone. However, they are a little pricey at $38 a lipstick, especially if you want to try more than one shade.

But the mother of makeup is magnanimous, and she recently packaged her mini lipsticks (which are just about pinky size) into complementary trios. Get Color Blitz if you’re looking for a range of red tones, like the blue-red Elson (named for supermodel Karen Elson), magenta Obsessed!, and garnet Full Panic. Or try Skin Show for nude and darker shades, like Omi (named for Naomi Campbell), a perfect brown for darker skin tones, and 1995, a pink-based nude (1995). It’s such a good deal! Scoop it up. And don’t forget to do as Mother says, and gently blot it on to your lips for a pretty, worn-in effect.

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Here’s a Great Deal on Pat McGrath’s Lipstick