Pete Davidson Got a Giant Tattoo of a Unicorn

Pete Davidson.
Pete Davidson. Photo: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for New York Magazine

When Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande broke up, he didn’t just lose a fiancée — he lost his favorite tattoo partner. But five months after the split, the comedian appears to be back in the body-art saddle, which he marked with a big-ass tattoo of a unicorn on his arm.

Davidson’s new ink made its first public appearance on Thursday, when New York City tattoo artist Ryan Mullins of Top Shelf Tattoos posted to Instagram a photo of it, which he presumably took right after he finished it, because it’s a bit swollen. And this is no Lisa Frank–looking unicorn — this unicorn is stoic, deep in thought, and very muscular.

Davidson was a frequent visitor to the tattoo parlor when he was dating Grande — while they were engaged, he permanently inked his body with an image of her mini pig and black bunny mask from Dangerous Woman, though he got the latter covered up. But the 25-year-old has been a fan of body art since the age of 17, when he got “Swerve Life” tattooed on his leg. Since then, he’s gotten everything from Hillary Clinton to a Dumbledore quote to the Brave Little Toaster inked on his body. And now, rounding out the family, he’s got a giant legendary creature as well.

Here’s to hoping that Davidson doesn’t go back to his old ways and start getting tattoos inspired by his current rumored girlfriend, Kate Beckinsale. The man doesn’t have much free real estate on his body, and what’s left is valuable.

Pete Davidson Got a Giant Tattoo of a Unicorn