Ralph Lauren Expands Its Definition of ‘Family’ in a New Campaign

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of America’s most iconic fashion designers, but he’s a family man first. He has three children with his wife, Ricky Anne Low-Beer, and four grandchildren. His son, David Lauren, also holds an executive role at Ralph Lauren Corporation.

In September, the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary with a blowout runway show and party for its own extended family. Generations of Ralph Lauren fashion enthusiasts were invited, including Oprah, and families also walked the runway.

In continuation of this theme, Ralph Lauren debuted a new global advertising campaign today called “Family is who you love,” which highlights eight diverse and multicultural groups that represent a broad spectrum of family — from multigenerational families to same-sex couples to chosen families.

“Ralph’s vision has always been built upon clear values, and the idea of family has been central to what we stand for — in our brands and in our business,” says Jonathan Bottomley, chief marketing officer. “[The campaign] is a celebration of the fact that family means different things to each of us — we live in a world where the meaning of family is bigger, broader, and more personal than it has ever been before. We believe that family is one of the most positive forces and powerful unifiers for all of us today.”

See what “family” means to Ralph Lauren, and each of the groups featured in its new campaign, below.

George Okeny, Yanii Gough, and Zola Okeny: Couple and Child

“We’re best friends. Regardless of the circumstances — the good times, the bad times, the ugly times we’re there for each other.” —George Okeny

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Teresa Lourenco, Zaria Lourenco-Noel, and Lion Lourenco-Noel: Mother and Two Children

“I see myself in them, but we’re all different. They pick up things from me and their dad, but in the end everyone is unique.” —Teresa Lourenco

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Buzzy Kerbox, Kody Kerbox, Kasey Kerbox, and Kyler Kerbox: Father and Three Sons

“Raising kids is an unimaginable task to take on. But being around them means more than anything to me. Family is the center of my world.” —Buzzy Kerbox

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Marian Moneymaker, Jacqueline Ceryak, and Catherine Elizabeth Ceryak: Grandmother and Granddaughters

“I am fascinated to think of what they will be in this ever-changing world with so many opportunities. I love being with them, seeing what they enjoy, and introducing them to things. It’s just really beautiful to watch.” —Marian Moneymaker

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Leilani Bishop, Jack Luber, and Cassius Luber: Couple and Son

“Becoming a parent for the first time is such a mix of feelings. You really have to be aware of the downs as well as the ups because all of the emotions are there.” —Leilani Bishop

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Helena Tejedor and Cecile Winckler: Couple

“We have the same values, a similar vision of the world and our future together, but we’re very different people, which works. I pull her when she needs pulling, and she does the same for me.” —Helena Tejedor

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Millie Atkins and James von Claer: Father and Daughter

“There’s an unspoken magic that exists with family. You don’t have to be having a long conversation or even talking to feel a strong sense of belonging.” —James von Claer

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Dae Na, Bo Ra Nam, Praise Na, and Bethel Na: Couple and Two Children

“Family is unconditional love. It’s not the same relationship I have with anyone else. The feeling of what you would do for each other, not because of personal interest, but because you just love this person.” —Dae Na

Photo: Courtesy Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Expands Its Definition of ‘Family’