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This Candle Smells Like Spilling the Tea

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer.

I love tea. But even as a devoted drinker, I know that it will never be the cool, socially accepted lubricant that coffee is (at least in the West). I comfort myself with the many advantages that tea has over coffee. The most important one, of course, is that coffee breath stinks. No one ever complains about having tea breath.

I think it’s for this reason that there are no nice coffee candles on the market. But there are a number of great-scented, soothing tea candles, among them Le Labo’s newest Verveine 32 candle. As the brand says, “This is not your grandma’s herbal tea.” Sleepytime Tea it is not.

Instead, it smells like a strong, robust, lemony elixir — a bit woodsy, with a touch of eucalyptus and kaffir lime, among other things (the number 32, in line with Le Labo’s naming convention, refers to the number of ingredients in the scent.) It smells like an energizing, mucus-busting tea you would want someone to make for you if you were just about to come down with something, or when you need the courage and mental clarity to spill a particularly juicy secret. I choose this candle when I want my home to to smell clean and invigorating, without bracing Mr. Clean vibes.

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This Candle Smells Like Spilling the Tea