Robyn Designed the Best Leggings

Photo: Courtesy Björn Borg

After an extended hiatus from the spotlight, Robyn is back with a new, dance-yourself-happy album, Honey, plus a unisex collection of merch and ready-to-wear for her fans to wear while they’re dancing.

At an event celebrating all of the above on Thursday night at Opening Ceremony in New York City, Robyn wore blue leggings, a matching track jacket, and a shearling harness from her new “RBN” collaboration with the Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg. Let me say that again in case you missed it: She was wearing a shearling harness. Her signature blonde hair was impossibly fluffed, but despite looking like she’d just jumped from an airplane, Robyn somehow blended into the crowd.

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony co-founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who collaborated with Robyn on her tour merch (which you can also find at Madison Square Garden during her performance on Friday), have known the singer since the very beginning.

“We’re OG-OGs,” Leon told the Cut. He and Lim first met Robyn, who is 39, when she visited the store around eight years ago, but Leon has been obsessing over her music since he was a teenager in the ’90s. (He’s in his 40s now.)

“If you told my dorky teenage self that she would be at my store signing records, and that we would collaborate on tour merch, I would have laughed,” Leon said. “She could have done this with a lot of other people, but it goes to show how connected she is to her community.”

Robyn keeps her friends close, but she also makes everyone feel like they could join her on the dance floor. Following the event at Opening Ceremony, she invited all of New York to come party with her for the low price of $10 at Sony Music Hall. Kindness, who is touring with Robyn, DJ-ed, as well as the nightlife collectives Bubble_T and Papi Juice.

Beforehand, the Cut spoke briefly to Robyn and her stylist/friend, Naomi Itkes, about their recent clothing collaboration.

Photo: Courtesy Björn Borg

The Cut: You went into the Björn Borg archives for this collection. Did it remind you of how you dressed as a teenager? What was cool back then in Stockholm?
Robyn: Dr. Martens, Carhartt. In English, you might call it “Chav.”
Naomi: Kind of the Buffalo style, like [the singer] Neneh Cherry.
Robyn: It never goes out of style.

How do these Björn Borg archival pieces fit into your lifestyle now?
Robyn: [Points to leggings and track jacket.] This is our suit. That’s what Buffalo is, actually: Tailoring sportswear, and making it a cheaper thing.
Naomi: It’s a very smooth look.

You’ve worn a lot of leggings throughout your career. What do you like about them, specifically?
Robyn: I don’t love all leggings, because they can also make you look like a big child. But these are meant to make you look grown-up. You can wear them to the gym, you wear them clubbing, you can wear them when you’re working.
Naomi: We spent so much time on these leggings and the argyle piping. It’s hard to find good tights, but these are really good.
Robyn: They look good on anyone.
Naomi: And they’re cool!

Photo: Courtesy Björn Borg

How would you describe your style today, and what’s different about it?
Robyn: I think it’s a little more relaxed, but I really don’t think my style has changed since I was like, fifteen. [Laughs] It’s a little bit softer, I think.

What’s important to you, when it comes to style?
Robyn: It’s important not to squeeze my body into things that don’t feel good. I was more prone to doing that before — fitting myself into things. Now, I think it’s important to wear things that fit me, instead.

Is fashion something that you follow? Are you looking at runway shows?
Robyn: [Shakes head]
Naomi: If you have style, you’ve had it from the beginning. That’s Robyn.

Shop the full RBN collection, here.

Of Course Robyn Designed the Best Leggings