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Roger Stone Might Go to Jail Because He Can’t Stay Off Instagram

Roger Stone.
Roger Stone. Photo: Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Roger Stone generally is a man who can’t seem to stop himself from making bad decisions: He’s got a back tattoo of Richard Nixon; he was charged with lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstructing justice; he spreads odd and sometimes violent content online; and he’s heavily associated with the Trump family and their alleged crimes.

Now, it appears that Stone may have violated his gag order for his pending legal troubles by posting a movie-reference meme about himself to his Instagram story. The post was a photo of him, edited onto a black background with the words “Who Framed Roger Stone” in the font used for the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. As far as memes go, it’s honestly fairly uninspired.

According to the New York Times, Stone was issued a gag order by Judge Amy Berman Jackson on February 21, which was later extended to include “posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of social media.” The order came over a week after Stone posted a different Instagram, in which Judge Berman was photoshopped into the crosshairs of a gun. He was told that if he violated the order, he would be sent to jail.

“This is not baseball,” Judge Berman told Stone at the hearing. “There will be no third chance. If you cannot abide by this, I will be forced to change your surroundings so you have no temptations.”

It is not clear if the now-deleted posts, which came just two days after Stone publicized the release of the latest edition of his book The Myth of Russian Collusion: The Inside Story of How Donald Trump REALLY Won, will actually land Trump’s former associate in jail. Mueller’s office informed the judge about the posts late on Monday afternoon, but no official response has been given.

Roger Stone’s Downfall Might Be Instagram