Whatever Happened With Mel B and Geri ‘Wasn’t a Big Deal,’ Okay?

Photo: Ray Burmiston/Photoshot/Getty Images

After dropping the bombshell claim that she and fellow Spice Girl Geri Halliwell slept together back in the day, Mel B is now downplaying the comment, saying that it really wasn’t such a huge deal after all. During an interview on radio show 2DayFM Breakfast With Grant, Ed & Ash, the singer said she “didn’t actually really admit anything” with her previous comments.

“I just admitted we had a little bit of a thing back in the day at one time. And that’s it,” she said. “It wasn’t a big deal. We’ve known each other for 20+ years. It was just one of those things that happened one night.”

“If you actually read my transcript, I just said it was like a little thing and we giggled about it the next day and that’s that,” she added. “It’s the press [who] have taken it onto a whole new level.”

Perhaps! But it’s hard not to be moved in some way by the hookup gossip — especially since Mel B isn’t exactly denying that it happened, even if she’s now calling it “just one of those things that happened one night.”

Previously, she had told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain that she and Halliwell slept together in the mid-’90s.

“Did or didn’t you sleep with Geri Halliwell? Did you sleep with her?” he asked, in typical Piers Morgan fashion.

“Yeah, we all slept in a bed together, but not like that,” Brown said, before eventually nodding her head yes, it did happen “like that.”

In the recent radio interview, Mel B said that she’s spoken to Geri Halliwell on the phone since the admission, and that there were no hard feelings.

“I said look, I admitted on Piers that we had a little bit of a thing but don’t worry about it,” she recalled telling Halliwell. “We had a long conversation. She texted me the night of and then we just spoke at length today, amongst other things because we’re getting ready for tour.”

So there you have it.

Whatever Happened With Mel B and Geri Wasn’t a Big Deal, Ok?