Taylor Swift and Boyfriend Emerge From the Woods Holding Hands

Photo: GOR/Getty Images

Just a year ago, it was a big deal to even see Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, out in public together. But as of late, the two have seemed slightly more comfortable being photographed together in the wild, even while — gasp — holding hands.

Over the weekend, the Reputation singer and her actor boyfriend (whom you may know from awards-season favorite The Favourite) were photographed together in Los Angeles, holding hands and hiking. Y’know, as one does when one is in Los Angeles. They both wore sneakers and baseball caps, and Joe even had a camera around his neck, presumably to capture pictures of his photogenic girlfriend.

Since Swift and Alwyn began dating two years ago, photos and footage of them together have been extremely rare (you might say she took a reverse-Hiddleswift approach to the relationship). At the beginning, all we got were reports of them hiding out in London together, being intensely private and secretive.

But more recently, they’ve been seen — and photographed by paparazzi — showing PDA and generally acting like a couple. There was that time they were seen at an Oscars after-party, where Alwyn had his hand on Swift’s shoulder while she ran her hand up and down his back. There was also the time that they stepped out in public together for a BAFTAs party and let themselves be snapped by paparazzi while holding hands.

All in all, we’ve come a long way from furtive photos of them hiding out in black hoodies.

Taylor Swift and Boyfriend Emerge From Woods Holding Hands