Tom Cruise’s Daughter Is Reportedly Helping With Scientology Recruitment

Isabella Cruise.
Isabella Cruise. Photo: Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images

Tom Cruise is a high-ranking member of the Church of Scientology, and now, his daughter Isabella Cruise has appeared in a major recruitment email for the organization, the Daily Beast reports.

Isabella, Cruise’s adopted daughter with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, recently appeared in a promotional email for Scientology London, as she resides in the U.K. city. The email includes an image of Isabella, as well as a lengthy story of her “auditing adventure” and the phrase, “WE ALL NEED TO DO THIS.” The Daily Beast notes that the email was published Sunday on The Underground Bunker, the blog of journalist and Scientology whistle-blower Tony Ortega. The email reportedly included a link at the end for Scientologists “to find more information about getting trained as an auditor.”

Isabella reportedly wrote of her experience in an “internship” that taught her how to become an auditor. (Ortega explained to the Daily Beast, “It doesn’t mean what we use the word internship for. It’s just a practical training to be an auditor. So what she was doing was, she was being observed questioning somebody else.”) She reportedly wrote, in part:

The internship, for me, is what made me a Scientologist. I don’t just believe the tech works now. I know without any doubt that it does.

Isabella went on to reportedly thank her father Tom Cruise in the email. Ortega told the Daily Beast, “The fact that Isabella is being used to promote training as an auditor is really interesting to me. A lot of celebrities don’t want the church to use them in this way. So she’s making a conscious decision, that she’s okay with people knowing that she’s really down with this stuff.”

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Is Reportedly a Scientology Recruiter