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Ulta’s Massive 21-Day Sale Includes Deals on Your Favorite Beauty Products

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the Retailers

If you’re already thinking about how you’re going to spend this year’s tax return, consider treating yourself to Ulta’s massive spring beauty sale. From precise and defining eyebrow pencils to vegan eye-shadow palettes, the brand will have something for every beauty need during the 21 Days of Beauty sale. Each day Ulta will have a new promotion, with sales of up to 50 percent off and gifts with purchase. The next month will be like a joyous beauty-filled holiday advent calendar. Just be sure to mark your calendar with what days to shop.

You can take advantage of the promotions online and in stores now until April 6. Here are some of the best 21 Days of Beauty products and which days they’ll be on sale:

March 17

A best-selling vegan mascara that gives you everything you need for Insta-worthy eyelashes. It lengthens, curls, volumizes, and conditions.

March 18

Any eye-shadow palette worth its salt is going to give you a great mixture of colors and finishes, and this one does that super well. There’s both soft, matte neutral tones and sparkly metallic jewel tones so can dial your eye makeup look up or down, depending on your mood.

March 22

A primer is non-negotiable if you want to maintain your beautiful eye makeup look for longer than an hour, and this is one of the best around. The squeeze tube is easy to use, and the formula will help shadow and liner go on more smoothly.

March 23

This ultra-fine pencil allows you to draw individual hairlike strokes, and the spoolie end lets you brush everything in for a super natural look. It’s a longtime favorite of makeup artists and rarely goes on sale. There are ten different shades to choose from, so you can find which best suits the color and undertone of your eyebrows. Yer a brow wiz, Harry!

March 24

This brush looks good, feels good, and does good. The rounded head was designed to ensure you pick up the ideal amount of product, the packed bristles are so soft you’ll want to dust your face with this even without product, and for every purchase, IT Cosmetics donates one brush to the Look Good, Feel Better program.

March 25

Whether you’re extremely hungover from St. Patrick’s Day or you’ve just recently testified in front of Congress, these cooling eye patches filled with Icelandic glacial water are an excellent ten-minute fix for puffy, tired, and thirsty under eye areas.

March 29

This is a pricier product, so the 50 percent savings feel especially good. It’s a favorite from our Why is Your Skin So Good series, and contains the powerhouse ingredients of Vitamin C and resveratrol.

March 30

This well-rounded liner is a top seller because it isn’t a lying liar who lies: It has a nice glide, dries quickly, comes in “Intense Black” that looks like an intense black, and stays all day just like it told you it would. Cat eyes love it.

If you’re prone to waking up with surprise pimples, zits, or spots, you want this cult-classic bottle of pink stuff by your side. Just a dab of the paste before you go to bed quickly dries up any unwelcome guests.

March 31

It’s ooh shiny. And a little pop of sparkle in the middle of your eyelid makes your look more fun and eye-catching.

April 2

It’s completely vegan and a well-sized (not too big) palette with plenty of grungy color options. That’s not a diss — the shades are inspired by grunge.

April 5

Vitamin C is good for your body and your skin (it helps with brightening skin and evening discoloration). Fortunately, this serum is packed with it.

April 6

Queer Eye makeup artist Marina Fisher Soto favors this lightweight gel for grooming the brows, and adding a tiny hint of product.

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Ulta’s 21-Day Beauty Sale Includes Things You Actually Want