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Amy Schumer Just Really Loves This Clean Beauty Brand

Amy Schumer. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Saks OFF FIFTH

Clean beauty brand Beautycounter is known for a few things, like its safe makeup, this very pigmented lipstick, and its very passionate converts that turn into consultants. We can now confirm that Amy Schumer is a huge fan of the first, probably a fan of the second, and definitely friends with the third.

This morning, the comedian-actor announced on Instagram that she’s teaming up with the brand because she wants to help educate, advocate, and spread the clean beauty word. She’s doing that via a filmed conversation with her friend and Beautycounter consultant, Shea, under the supervision of her [Schumer’s] adorable dog, Tati (“this bitch.”) Schumer and Shea discuss everything from Beautycounter founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew’s G-filled name and beauty trends like really shiny clavicles, to the bonus benefits of completely fragrance-free products (less pregnancy-related barfing.)

If that all sounds super-casual, it’s because it is. Schumer is not a spokesperson for the brand. “I love Beautycounter!” Schumer said in a statement. “My friend is an independent consultant for the brand, and she turned me on to them and what they stand for, that’s why I reached out them,” Schumer explained. When she says “reached out” she means she literally emailed the brand, which proves two things: that celebrities really are just like us, and that Beautycounter’s direct-to-consumer-via-consumers business model works.

“We believe our story is best told person to person, so we were thrilled to hear that Amy learned about us through her friend, Shea,” said Renfrew. “We’ve never been a celebrity-driven brand, but when we heard Amy wanted to help support our mission and our consultants, we knew it would be a fun and impactful partnership.”

The full video does seem pretty fun and impactful. It’s like witnessing a clean-beauty podcast being recorded during a private product unboxing (fun), all viewed through the reflections of very clean and well-lit vanity mirrors (impactful). Watch the full video here.

Amy Schumer Just Really Loves This Clean Beauty Brand