New York’s Hottest Club Is a Chili Line

Photo: Getty Images, FiveRings at English Wikipedia

For most New Yorkers, waiting in line is a part of life — whether it’s for a cup of coffee, a sneaker drop, or even to emerge from the subway. If you’re Anna Wintour, though, you don’t have to wait in line for anything or anyone, ever. Unless the line leads to a steaming hot bowl of chili, that is.

According to “Page Six,” Wintour was spotted waiting for some minced meat and cornbread during the intermission of Oklahoma! on Broadway this week. Unfortunately, not all Broadway theaters serve such a hearty meal — this is specific to the production, which opens with the actors sitting at long tables in front of a similar-looking meal. Wintour, being the serious theatergoer that she is, seems to have been in it for the full experience.

The “Page Six” source spotted her wearing “a purple floor-length leather coat and her trademark sunglasses,” during intermission. So, not exactly an outfit fit for the Old Town Road.

Diane Keaton, wearer of great pants, also reportedly attended Oklahoma! and waited in line like everybody else for some chili. Jessica Lange and Marisa Tomei as well — a real “who’s who” of powerful, stew-loving women.

New York’s hottest club is the chili line at a Broadway production, it seems. We should have seen this coming, now that everyone loves beans.

New York’s Hottest Club Is the Chili Line at a Broadway Show