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Why Are Everyone’s Eyelids Teal?

Photo-Illustration: by Stevie Remsberg; Photos: Getty

If you’re thinking about coloring your eyelids a color this spring, give some thought to blue-green. A lot of eyelids are wearing teals, turquoises, aquas, and cyans these days. If yours could speak, write, and/or communicate telepathically, first of all, that would be alarming, but also, they’d probably request you dress them in this trending shade.

Here are some reasons why: Teal is the exact right amount of bright to catapult you into spring, and it’s reminiscent enough of both chlorine-y pool and tropical beach waters to carry you all the way through summer. The boldness of the color also protects you from having to do anything precise with it. It creates so much contrast against every skin tone that you can put any amount anywhere on your lids and instantly be wearing “a look.” Also, teal is just fun — so much fun that even David Beckham couldn’t resist its call.

If you can’t either, start by picking your product of choice: a multitasking crayon, a waterproof pencil, a precise liquid pen, even a singular shadow. Then, look for keywords like “lagoon,” “tropic,” “marine,” or just plain “teal.” Finally, draw anything: a chunky swipe, an angular cat eye, an amorphous blob of color, or a wave of shadow simply moving up toward the brows.

For extra credit, study the 11 looks below and try pairing your handiwork with a pink lip.

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Why Are Everyone’s Eyelids Teal?