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Why Is Ariana Grande Mad at Bloggers?

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It would be nice if there were still bloggers — the sort of intensely opinionated, rash, voice-y, outwardly depressed, proudly self-obsessed, smart, unbearably annoying kind that existed ten years ago. Now that sort of stuff only exists on Twitter in an even more unbearable, mono-voice form that doesn’t even make anybody the pitiful amount of money actual blogging did. For a variety of reasons we do not have to get into but which include the fact that now you can’t just do a Google Image search for images to steal and use for free (at this point people find out and get mad at you), that sort of blogging can no longer exist. It’s sad. And now Ariana Grande is mad at bloggers?


I’m trying to find out. Let’s see. This is the tweet she posted, which immediately spurred many self-deprecating tweets from bloggers for whom I have genuine affection but whose Twitter use sometimes worries me:

Okay, fair enough and of course we’re all open to suggestions. But — what? It’s in response to a tweet quote-responding to a tweet that features Ariana Grande quote-responding to a tweet from Justin Bieber. This is that tweet:

And that tweet is a continuation of this tweet:

Okay. Clearly “@Morgan_Stewart” said something about … something … and this set off Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. A Google search tells me that the musicians performed together, as a surprise, at Coachella. It was Bieber’s first performance in two years. Okay, but what did Morgan say, whoever she is?

This is more difficult. Morgan Stewart’s Twitter bio is just “FUNNY” which gives me no indication of the blog at which she works, however my No. 1 guess at the moment would be New Gawker. I do not find anything mean about Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande when scanning her tweets; they mostly seem to be quote tweets about herself and then she says something like, “That is normally to me!” or “The best” or “Awesome.”

Okay, but — here is something. “Page Six” has already written about this controversy, let’s see what they say.

In a segment of “Nightly Pop” on Tuesday, Stewart said, “I did not realize it was going to be that bad.” She then commented on the singer’s appearance, saying, “He definitely looks like he put an oxy pad on that forehead, but I don’t care. That is f—ked up!”

Hm. It seems Morgan Stewart is the host of some sort of TV show on the E! network. Excuse me, Ariana Grande, with all due respect, I am a fan, please do forgive me — a host of some sort of TV show on the E! network is not a blogger.

However. What Stewart said was mean. And in Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber’s defense, if their performance was bad it was because they were completely unprepared:

So. Maybe everyone involved in this controversy is, at least spiritually, a blogger after all. Amen!

Why Is Ariana Grande Mad at Bloggers?