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Brooklyn’s Vinyl District, Indoor Fountains, and Italian Leather Goods in Greenwich Village

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors


Brooklyn Record Exchange, founded by the owners of Greenpoint’s Co-Op 87 and New York–based indie label Mexican Summer, has joined East Williamsburg’s vinyl district.

Photo: Jason Lee/Courtesy of the vendors/Maxwell Schiano

1. Brooklyn Record Exchange (599 Johnson Ave., Ste. 1): Disco, post-punk, New Wave, jazz, rock, and soul, including Bob Marley’s Natty Dread ($15), Otis Redding’s Love Man ($25), and Willie Hutch’s Ode to My Lady ($8).

2. Human Head Records (168 Johnson Ave.): DJ Center’s Disco É Cultura($15), Da Chick’s Call Me Foxy ($10), A Bunch of Dead People’s Your Eternal Reward ($10).

3. Material World Records & Tapes (184 Noll St.): Japanese Girl, by Akiko Yano ($34); Never Let You Drift Away, by Supercrush ($16); Baptized in Space, by Blu Anxxiety ($8).

4. Superior Elevation Records (100 White St.): “Estranger” limited-edition flexi-disc 45 ($8), Benedek & Noble 12-inch ($15).

2x2: Indoor Fountains

Liquid ASMR.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors.
Photo: Courtesy of the vendors.

Not stone color: Terra-cotta Comb, $295 at
Stone color: Sandstone Cascade Tires Lighted, $203 at

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors.
Photo: Courtesy of the vendors.

Not stone color: Pivot Limited Edition, $29,500 at
Stone color: Ternary, $299 at

Urban Export

Sofia Ciucchi, CEO of beloved Italian leather-goods line Il Bisonte, has opened the brand’s first U.S. location (381 Bleecker St.).

Photo: Brian Park Photo

“Our first store opened in the early ’70s in a 17th-century palazzo in Florence. In the ’80s, we opened in Paris. Next was Japan, and now New York. It’s the same as the others in many ways — lacquered shelves to juxtapose the beautiful leather of our bags, like our cowhide tote ($820) — but different, too: In the New York store, we’ll have an atelier where owners of Il Bisonte products can come get their vintage wares fixed up. We’ll have a craftsman from Florence there to perform the repairs on the exact type of sewing machine we have at our industrial plant in Italy. The craftsman can’t stay forever; he’ll go back to Florence and a New York–based craftsman will take over.”

Moving In

This month, Neely Powell, CEO of Charleston Shoe Co., will open three New York locations.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“In Soho (172 Spring St.), I bet our Monterey ($100), which The Strategist called a cool-grandma sandal, will do really well. Uptown (1393 Sixth Ave.), I imagine we’ll sell lots of our faux-espadrille wedges ($135) — lots of tourists up there. In the Hamptons (12 Jobs Ln.), I bet the Seabrook ($90) will kill. It’s real beachy-looking.”

Three in One

Later this spring, DevaCurl co-founder Lorraine Massey will open a salon called Spiral (x,y,z) with workshops for curly-haired kids, pre-haircut consults, and movie nights (137 W. Broadway).

Illustration: Joe McKendry

CUT: A pre-visit phone consultation; haircuts by Massey or another member of the team, each of whom is expert in cutting wavy, Botticelli, corkscrew fractal, or micro-spiral hair types (from $150); individualized conditioning treatments (from $75); single-process coloring ($135).

Illustration: Joe McKendry

LEARN: “Sunday school,” where stylists teach proper curl upkeep to kids ages 6 to 15 and parents with curly-haired babies ($95); classes for beginner and advanced curl stylists to learn Massey’s patented dry hair-cutting technique ($995).

Illustration: Joe McKendry

HANG: Screenings, installations, and “curly karaoke,” where lyrics will be replaced with the word curl.

Top Five

Husband-and-wife duo David Seth Moltz and Kavi Moltz, founders of small-batch fragrance line D.S. & Durga (255 Mulberry St.), talk their favorite tumbleweed perfume and eucalyptus car freshener.

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Our Rose Atlantic body lotion ($60) smells like a New England beach rose, very salty and fresh. And there is not a single nasty ingredient in there.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“We’re selling David’s band’s record ($78); it’s called Hiko Men. It comes with six perfumes that help listeners sort of enter the landscape of the music.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“The 85 Diesel candle ($65) is based on the scent of our vintage Mercedes-Benz. It smells like tanned leather and gasoline. It’s a badass fragrance.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“Cowboy Grass perfume ($260), one of our best sellers, smells of tumbleweeds, of the open plains of the West. I’ve heard that David Beckham wears it.”

Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

“You’re meant to hang this in your car like an air freshener ($10). This one’s scent is called Big Sur After Rain; it smells powerfully like fresh eucalyptus.”

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Brooklyn Vinyl Shops, Indoor Fountains, and Italian Leather