Cardi B’s Courtroom Catwalk Continues

Photo: Getty Images

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, better known as Cardi B, is putting a lot of thought into her courtroom outfits, just as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Lil Kim did before her. On Friday morning, she shared an Instagram image of her latest outfit with the caption: “COURT FLOW.”

Last year, Cardi was charged with assault and reckless endangerment in connection to an altercation at a New York strip club. She turned herself into the police in October looking like Marilyn Monroe, wearing a blonde wig, a white blouse, and pencil skirt with a matching suit blazer.

In January, Cardi made a second appearance at court wearing a floor-length fur coat and matching fur hat. She also accessorized with oversize round glasses, Christian Louboutin boots with “bloody” red bottoms, and a mini black Birkin bag.

What a defendant wears to court can not only impact how a judge and jury receive their case, but also the outside public. Anna “Delvey” Sorokin’s lawyer, for example, hired a stylist this year to help boost her image, and sure enough, her outfits gained more buzz than the trial’s actual proceedings. The judge even felt inclined to declare: “This is not a fashion show.”

Cardi’s outfits thus far have projected an image of power and dignity — and a bit of playfulness, too. On Friday, she declined a plea deal, likely to maintain her innocence, and her outfit said as much. She wore a white Christian Siriano tunic with a high collar and no sleeves, showing off her many tattoos. (Cardi has worn Siriano numerous times in the past.) Underneath, she wore matching suit pants with a flared hem, and on her arm, she carried a large Birkin bag.

According to “Page Six,” the total cost of Cardi’s outfit was over $15,000. However, she kept her signature long, bright nails and lip piercing intact, reminding everyone that nothing — not even the prospect of jail time — can tone her down.

“Case dismissed,” wrote a hopeful fan in the comments.

Cardi’s next court date is May 31.

Cardi B’s Courtroom Catwalk Continues