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What I Wore to My First Coachella

Photo: Courtesy of Indya Brown

Whether you’re a Coachella veteran or a newbie like myself, you have an idea of what to expect like plenty of fringe, models galavanting in string bikinis, and palm trees galore. But what if you want to be comfortable, stylish, and avoid looking like a meme? Read on to see what I packed with me and get inspired for the start of festival season.

Day 1

Yes, it’s very hot and you’re walking a ton to get from stage to stage. But Coachella is still in a desert and after sundown, it gets chilly quickly. I played it safe and opted for a denim jumpsuit with a strappy back detail and comfortable watermelon pink mules. The jumpsuit was airy enough that I wasn’t too sweaty but it also offered enough coverage for nighttime. Open-toe shoes can be risky since it’s pretty sandy so only wear them if you’re okay with that or if you’re willing to carry wet wipes.

Day 1 Outfit

Day 2, Option 1

The night before featured some fun acts like Anderson .Paak, SOPHIE, and finally Child Gambino at midnight so I woke up tired. But the second day is one of the busiest with plenty of parties ranging from Amex’s Platinum House to the Revolve Festival and the Moschino Party. It sounds crazy but you actually do need two outfits. For the first phase, I opted to look like a glass of orange juice with a pair of ’90s-inspired check pants from ASOS and a bright mini bag from See by Chloe. Bucket hats are trending, and thank goodness because it really came in handy in the heat.

Photo: Courtesy of Indya Brown

Day 2 Outfit

Day 2, Party Look

For the latter half of my day, I wanted something comfortable but still dressy. This two piece set from C/Meo Collection has contrasting patterns to keep it visually interesting yet cohesive. To make the blue in the pattern pop I added fun hoops and a transparent turquoise bag. And of course, I couldn’t do festival style without embracing the #yeehawagenda so I threw on a pair of black cowboy boots.

Photo: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

Day 2, Party Look

Day 3

I saved my favorite outfit for the final day. The star piece was this Rachel Comey fishnet skirt that was really cool looking but featured heavy embellishments. To balance it out I added lightweight shorts and a bodysuit underneath and it was a huge hit! I got numerous compliments from other festival goers. By this time I felt like a festival veteran wearing my Doc Martens and I wanted to capture that moment with a photo. After all, it’s not Coachella unless you take a picture in front of the art.

Day 3 Outfit

The Suitcase

I despise packing and no matter what, 90 percent of my travels begin with furiously throwing in items at the last minute. Did I really need five pairs of shoes and five bags for one weekend? Probably not, but I wanted to be prepared. This suitcase managed to fit all of the above and more with space to spare.

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What I Wore to My First Coachella