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Right Now, the Trendiest Nail Polish Color Is ‘All of Them’

Photo-Illustration: by Stevie Remsberg; Photos: Getty

The question Buddy the Elf always asks upon answering the phone is an aggressive one. What’s your favorite color? First of all, there are so many colors, and it depends!!! This quandary is most evident at the nail salon, which might be why the multi-color, mix-and-match nail polish trend is thriving.

There are two ways to do a rainbow manicure: either each nail gets pained a wildly different color, or all five get different shades in one color family. It’s an inclusive look, ideal for both the sort of decisive person who enjoys reorganizing art supplies and the indecisive person who can never pick between comfortable Ballet Slippers and loud tangerine.

The finished effect seems tricky to re-create without having a background in color theory, but there are several easy ways to get the look:

Or just copy one of these.

If You Like Blues

If You Like Greens

If You Like Blues and Greens

If You Like Ballet Slippers

If You Like a Little Pop of Tomato

If You Liked Yeezy Season 6

If You Like Chanel

If You Like Regular Skittles

If You Prefer Tropical Skittles

If You’re Pumped to Dye Easter eggs

If You Like Good & Plenty’s

If You Prefer Jelly Beans

And If You Plan on Flipping People Off Later

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Right Now, the Trendiest Nail Polish Color Is ‘All of Them’