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Howdy, Diplo

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s gray and drizzly in New York and my morning started out accordingly bleak and grumpy — until I saw this photo of Diplo wearing a yellow suit, which he posted to both Instagram and Twitter with the succinct caption “howdy.” It has it all: the perfect shade of spring yellow, matching yellow cowboy boots, the correct way for any gender to wear a suit (without a shirt). It is simply [menswear blogger voice] a great fit.

Looking at it has fully revived me. It makes me feel like I’m drinking a Four Loko (original formula) on a nude beach in Ibiza. It makes me feel like quitting my job to become a professional hang glider in the Florida Keys (I’ve never been hang gliding or to the Florida Keys). It makes me feel like buying a pet snake (I think I’d be a great snake mom).

In conclusion: howdy, Diplo.

Howdy, Diplo