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These Sunglasses Were Inspired by Rock Climbing

Photo: Chadwick Tyler

Rock climbing is currently having a pop-culture moment. Free Solo won the Oscar for best documentary, everyone’s bouldering as a hobby, and fashion designers are citing the sport as an influence for their collections. While most brands are simply adding in nods like carabiners or rope details, District Vision is going the opposite route. The eyewear company just released a pair of sunglasses that’s meant to be used while exercising outdoors. The campaign was shot in the Yucca Valley on climbers, but the frames could be appropriate for running, cycling, or just heading out for a summer stroll.

Called the Takeyoshi Altitude Master, the sunglasses feature a curved top that’ll fit under helmets and vented sides for air circulation. The shape is reminiscent of the cycling-style frames that are sure to be everywhere come festival season, but it’s not too aggressively trendy. Made in Japan and super lightweight, they won’t give you a sweaty nose or a sunglasses-induced headache. They come in three colorways: black with green lenses, gray with gray lenses, and gray with rose lenses. So whether “See you in the desert!” means Coachella or a climbing session, these are the one pair of sunglasses that happen to be appropriate for both.

Photo: District Vision

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These Cool Sunglasses Were Inspired by Rock Climbing