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Don Jr. Has One Requirement for His New Hamptons Home

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. Photo: Shannon Finney/Getty Images

That Donald Trump Jr. is the owner of a gun will be a shock to truly no one — the adult child loves to ‘gram photos of his firearms, and just today, he went turkey hunting before hitting up the National Rifle Association’s annual convention. However, the sheer number of guns he possesses might come as more of a surprise to some: Apparently, enough to fill their own damn room.

According to the New York Post, Don Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle are now in contract to buy a $4.5 million, seven-room house in Bridgehampton — a ritzy piece of real estate with which Guilfoyle fell in love, but one that didn’t immediately do it for Donny. “One of the first questions Don Jr. asked was where he could store his guns” in the house, a source told the publication, because apparently there wasn’t adequate space in the 9,200 square feet. So, in a normal and not-at-all-concerning move, the couple is building a brand-new room, just for Don Jr.’s guns. (Again, very normal!)

However, the promise of an added room alone wasn’t enough to win over Don Jr. Per sources, Guilfoyle had to stress to her boyfriend — who wanted to live in the quieter Westchester area — that people in the East End love to hunt, just like him. And apparently, she wasn’t lying!

“There are a lot of gun owners out here, and there is a big hunting season in the spring and fall,” the source said. “Don Jr. loves to hunt. He is looking forward to spring and fall hunting season in the Hamptons.”

I guess … relationships are all about compromise, right? (I’m exhausted.)

Don Jr. Has One Requirement for His New Hamptons Home