Elizabeth Holmes Attempts to Go Incognito

Elizabeth Holmes.
Elizabeth Holmes. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Elizabeth Holmes has been keeping a relatively low profile after her multibillion-dollar company, Theranos, shut down, and she was indicted on federal fraud charges. But on Tuesday, she was spotted out in a park in the Bay Area, taking a walk with her possible fiancé, hotel heir Billy Evans, as well as her dog (which she apparently claims is a wolf).

According to Inside Edition, Holmes has been camping out in a luxury rental building in San Francisco, and that’s where they tracked her down.

Despite her efforts to avoid the Inside Edition team, she was located in the park, and followed for several minutes by a determined reporter and a few sprinting cameramen. The reporter peppered Holmes with questions about Theranos, the HBO documentary, and the investors she was accused of defrauding.

The whole ordeal goes on for several awkward minutes. Unsurprisingly, Holmes didn’t answer any of the reporter’s questions. Instead, she smiled serenely and just kept walking in her yoga pants and white T-shirt, twirling the ends of her very blonde hair, which was mostly covered by a baseball cap. (Holmes kept her aviator sunglasses on the whole time, so it’s not clear whether she ever blinked.)

Inside Edition interviewed an onlooker who had also recognized Holmes in the park. What gave Holmes away?

“I didn’t know until she spoke,” the woman told the news team. “As soon as she opened her mouth, I was like, ‘Bingo, that is her.’”

Elizabeth Holmes Attempts to Go Incognito