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Accessories So Good, Everyone Will Forgive You for Being Late

Marc Jacobs knows how to make an entrance.

Photo: Yudi Ela
Photo: Yudi Ela

Marc Jacobs is known for starting his New York Fashion Week runway shows precisely on time, down to the minute. He wasn’t always so punctual, but a particularly egregious wait time once forced Anna Wintour to lay down the law.

For his spring 2019 runway show, though, Jacobs fell back into old patterns, running late for the first time in years. Like, really late. So late that Anna Wintour almost left again in protest. As more and more time passed, a nervous silence fell over the crowd. Something must be really, terribly wrong, many thought.

Of course, it was just your typical fashion emergency. And after about 45 minutes, the lights went up and models walked the runway to the tune of a Philip Glass symphony. The collection was the exact opposite of what everyone had been feeling: It was exuberant, playful, and utterly unburdened. Many of the looks had traditionally feminine trappings like bows, feathers, and ruffles. But they also possessed a mischievous side that was emphasized by the models’ powerful walk and oversize silhouettes.

With that much panache on display, it was easy to forgive Jacobs for being a bit tardy. Turns out, the show was worth the wait, and now, the collection has hit stores. Two standouts: the pink slingbacks and the hat-box bag. They’re both classic and ladylike, but maintain the show’s playful spirit.

Marc Jacobs Pink Silk Rosette Slingback Pump, $950; Small Hat Box Bag in Sky Blue, $1295. Available from Marc Jacobs, 212-832-3905.

Accessories So Good, People Will Forgive You for Being Late