Hermès Throws the Best Parties

Photo: Joe Schildhorn / of Hermès

On Thursday night, Hermès gave friends and family a taste of fantasy.

The occasion was the opening of its new store in the Meatpacking District. In true Hermès fashion, the French luxury house hosted not one, but two celebratory events, both of which offered far more than your typical champagne and tiny snacks (although there was plenty of that to go around, too.)

Part one took place at the store. Then, guests were invited downtown to an immersive Hermès wonderland, complete with oysters, acrobats, and a new surprise at every turn. Performers mingled about the event space, playing games with guests like a very French version of “Sleep No More.” In one room, there was a buffet table so enormous and decadent, it was hard to know where to begin. Try to imagine the sight of life-size swans made from artichoke petals; pillars of langoustines; and trays of lobster, steak, and salmon. For dessert, an entire enchanted forest was erected in another room, complete with miniature chocolate ants. The experience was surreal, and a welcome escape from reality.

It was tempting to stay in Hermès’ world forever, but like any good dream, all parties must come to an end.

For now, there’s always the store.

Photo: Hagop Kalaidjian, Joe Schildhorn/Courtesy of Hermès
Photo: Hagop Kalaidjian/ Kalaidjian, Joe Schildhorn
Photo: Hagop Kalaidjian/ of Hermès
Photo: Hagop Kalaidjian/ of Hermès
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