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This Spray Makes Blow-drying Your Hair So Much Easier

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

I’ve long suspected professional hairstylists of secretly being aliens, possessing silicone-rich blood that enables them to style hair with skills we humans can never seem to attain. I know I probably could give myself a good blowout if I tried hard enough — it straightens pretty easily — but I’ve never had the time, coordination, or patience. But then IGK co-founder Aaron Grenia did my hair. When he showed me how he coated each section (both above and beneath) with a blast of IGK Good Behavior and then blew it dry, I thought that seemed like a process I could handle.

On my next crack at DIY styling, I mimicked his actions, putting the blow-dryer down between each small section, which I dutifully sprayed from root to ends, first below, then above. And — wouldn’t you know it? — the results were pretty damn good. (I subsequently went over each section with a flat iron afterward, just for insurance.)

Years ago, when I first met the guys behind IGK, I wrote them off as a youthful brand whose hipster vibe and flowy hair products (not to mention extraordinarily loud sound system in their new Soho salon) didn’t quite match my conservative hair, aesthetic, or eardrums. But then Aaron used this spray and I happily put the earplugs in.

Yes, it’s an aerosol, and, yes, it contains alcohol and silicone, three elements that purists consider red flags (on the plus side, it is vegan and gluten-free), but I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind on days when I need some quality confidence (which is usually mustered most easily through my hair) and when a self-inflicted styling is my only option.

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This Spray Makes Blow-drying Your Hair So Much Easier