Oh Brother, James Comey Is Outside Again

James Comey (inside). Photo: Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Oh, for the love of … James Comey is outside again.

On Thursday night, the former FBI director and six-foot-eight-inch man posted a picture to Twitter of what looks like a forest floor, covered with dirt and sticks and leaves, with the caption, “So many answers.”

It is not a particularly good picture — little attention seems to have been paid to the framing or colors — nor does it provide any answers to us, the viewers, besides one. Is James Comey outside? According to this picture: Yes.

This dirtscape is the latest in a series of nature photos Comey has posted to Twitter alongside vague, moody captions. In March, shortly after Special Counsel Robert Mueller delivered his report on possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to the Department of Justice, Comey posted two outdoorsy pictures — one of him, standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean, with the caption, “Geologic time offers useful perspective,” and one of him in the middle of tall trees, with the caption, “So many questions.”

Comey posted his latest dirt picture on Thursday, hours after Attorney General William Barr released Mueller’s 400-plus-page report to the public. The heavily redacted report, and this pile of twigs, apparently gave Comey the answers he was looking for in the middle of those trees. Good for him.

Look, I enjoy the outdoors. I like fresh air, and trees, and I believe in the healing power of nature, or whatever. Personally, however, I don’t believe nature has any insight to offer us into the Russia investigation, and if I’m going to pretend it does, I would at least like to see some better pictures, and some better, more informative captions. So, Comey, sir, come inside. You don’t need to do this anymore.

Oh Brother, James Comey Is Outside Again