John Mayer Is a Candle Blogger Now

John Mayer.
John Mayer. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Long gone are John Mayer’s days as a part-time beauty vlogger — today, the man’s all about luxury candles.

It appears that Mayer halted his smoky-eye tutorials and pivoted to reviewing Diptyque’s “Feu de Bois” candle about two weeks ago, when he created the Instagram Stories Highlights, “FEU DE BOIS” — or, as he elects to pronounce the name, FOH DE BOYS. “What, this candle?” he says in an oddly affected voice in his first video of a burning candle. “This candle’s FOH DE BOYS.”

And Mayer wasn’t simply dabbling in new influencer territory — he’s now a bona fide candle blogger. (Granted, he only reviews that one scent, but that shows … dedication, I guess?). On Tuesday evening, Mayer uploaded a three-part series of “reviews” of a brand-new Feu de Bois candle, which he describes as “six-and-a-half pounds of lounge lava, lying dormant inside of a husky trusty kiln-fired ceramic exosheleton.” [Editor’s note: It’s “exoskeleton,” but don’t fret it, John!]

“Its undisputably [sic] … FOH DE BOYS,” he shouts.

Photo: johnmayber/Instagram

In his first follow-up video, he refers to the candle as an “absolute friggin’ mortar of aroma.” In the third, he goes on, “Five wicks and expansion ports for up to 16 more, this candle tells everyone coming over, you! don’t! recycle! It’s indiscriminately, FFFFFFOH DE BOYS.”

In this final video, Mayer exclaims the name of his beloved candle with such force (and I presume, spit) that his camera shakes, after which he quickly remarks, “It’s over. The bit’s over.”


John Mayer Is a Candle Blogger Now