coachella 2019

The Kanye West Church Merch Is Here

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Kanye West took his mysterious and musical Sunday Service to Coachella for Easter. It’s a variation on the secret, celebrity-attended services that take place out in the California mountains, except it is in the desert, and if you have a ticket to Coachella, you can attend. For those not able to make it out, it’s kind of hard to know what’s happening, because it is nearly impossible to see through the peephole that his service is being live-streamed through. While we can’t join in the gospel, we can see Kanye’s very special Coachella Sunday Service merchandise.

Because where Kanye goes, so does his merch, and his most recent creations are designed specifically for praise. According to people lucky enough to attend the event in real life, clothing for worship does not run cheap. A Sunday Service shirt that reads “Trust God” on the front and “Sunday Service at the Mountain” runs $70.

There are also Sunday Service sweatshirts which run from $165 to $225, and feature the words “Trust God.” Even at those prices, Kanye fans and congregants were still standing in long lines for an opportunity to get their hands on the trendiest Easter drop of all time.

And for a spiritual event that has Kanye at the helm, every part of your outfit can be worn in service of the theme. Kanye’s not just selling shirts and sweatshirts. He’s selling socks, too. Socks emblazoned with the words “Jesus Walks” or the more literal “Church Socks.” And like the shirt and the shoes, the price is steep: $50.

It’s just like Jesus said: You can’t go to church without wearing some merch.

The Kanye West Church Merch Is Here