Sounds Like Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Are Cooling Off

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale.
Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale. Photo: Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson seemed to be getting serious in recent days; you may recall the their non-stop PDA-filled outings, or the reports that they went out to dinner with her mom and stepdad. But, oh, how the tides have (apparently) turned.

According to a new report by People, Beckinsale and Davidson — couple name … Beckinson, we’ll say — have decided to “slow things down.” But they’re apparently still together at this point, which sounds emotionally confusing for us all. Here, let People explain:

“Pete and Kate got super serious very fast but they’ve decided to slow things down a bit,” says the source. “They’re still dating as of now.”

“As of now.” Hmm.

Beckinsale and Davidson were first seen together at a Golden Globes after-party in January, where they were reportedly “flirty.” Said flirting — and knee-touching, per “Page Six” — occurred just two months after Davidson’s high-profile split from Ariana Grande. Soon after, the pair was spotted out together in February, when they were both seen leaving a club after one of Davidson’s stand-up sets. Lots of PDA continued in the following weeks.

Davidson even addressed their relationship publicly, discussing their 20-year age difference on Saturday Night Live he’s 25, she’s 45. “It doesn’t really bother us,” he said, before listing off numerous men, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Douglas, who have been in relationships with big age differences. And Beckinsale spoke out about being “surprised by the interest” in their new relationship.

But given that People report, it seems as though things might be cooling off for the couple. At least they’ll always have hockey

Seems Like Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Are Cooling Off