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Kendall Jenner Is Coming for Your Teeth

Photo: kendalljenner/Instagram

Kylie has your face and lips covered; Kim also has your face, lips, and perfumable body areas covered; Kourtney has your inner well-being covered; and Khloe has your butt covered. All that really leaves is your teeth, which happen to be the beauty world’s latest target, and a very convenient opening for Kendall, who needs her own full-fledged, beauty-adjacent thing.

Today, the model announced that she finally got one. She’s excited to launch Moon Oral Care (with founder Shaun Neff), a dental-care line which according to a release, was founded upon the simple belief that “taking care of your teeth shouldn’t just do something — it should make you feel something.” In a promo video, Jenner adds that it’s also “based on oral beauty and even the aesthetic thing,” referencing the sleek, black, Millennial-bait packaging that will look way better next to your artsy, high-pressure slope sink than that embarrassing, primary-colored tube of Crest.

Jenner also co-created one of the brand’s new innovations, the aptly named Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen. The KJTWP is formulated with “carbamide peroxide to provide instant brightening and whitening over time,” along with lavender oil, whitening strawberry extract and honeysuckle flower — all natural ingredients that are apparently Kendall’s favorites!

The entire line, which is comprised of natural, vegan, and PETA-certified cruelty-free ingredients is already up and available on Moon’s website. You can snag a peppermint charcoal-activated toothpaste, a peppermint flouride-free stain removal toothpaste, a two-pack of black matte toothbrushes, mint flosser picks, and regular minty string floss in addition to the vanilla-mint KJTWP.

According to WWD, the entire line is set to launch in Ulta in May. While we eagerly await the larger rollout and the inevitable KJTWP x Kylie Lip Kit launch tied to Sister’s Day (August 4, mark your calendars), watch Kendall squeeze way too much chic toothpaste onto a chic toothbrush, below:

Kendall Jenner Is Coming for Your Teeth