What the Hell Is Going on With Kim Kardashian West’s Bathroom Sinks?

Kim Kardashian West.
Kim Kardashian West. Photo: Jared Siskin/amfAR/Getty Images

As part of her recent Vogue cover story, Kim Kardashian West participated in the magazine’s 73 Questions video series — but instead of giving us answers, the video presented us with an almost incomprehensible mystery: What the hell is up with the sinks in the Kardashian-West household?

Kardashian invited the team into the home she shares with her husband Kanye West for the video, and we were all privy to a shot of her family bathroom, which happened to include two of the most confusing sinks known to mankind. There were faucets … but no apparent sinks. In fact, the faucets seemed to pour directly onto a flat countertop, with no visible drainage system. WHAT?!

As frequent users of modern plumbing, we were perplexed: How do these sinks work? And in fact, is a sink really a sink if there is no actual sink involved? We became consumed with the questions of who, what, why, where, when and how, rocking back and forth in our beds as we stared at the images of what appear to just be faucet-adorned COUNTERTOPS that we printed out, pinned up on our walls, and linked together with red string. But then, Kardashian West went ahead and explained everything in an Instagram Story.

Here’s what she told us:
• The entire bathroom ceiling is a lightbox.
• Her whole family can fit into the tub and shower.
• And the sinks, well, they were designed in part by Kanye, and they slope down.

“Eight versions of this prototype sink were made. It does actually slightly slope down, you can see. There’s a slit for the water,” Kardashian explained. “You can put it on as high pressure as you want and no backsplash will come up.” A-ha! So it’s a sink that slopes down and can operate at as high pressure as you want! And with that, the mystery was solved.

What the Hell Is Going on With Kim Kardashian West’s Sinks?