Kim Kardashian West Is Taking the Bar Exam in 2022

Kim Kardashian West.
Kim Kardashian West. Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian West is many things. A reality star. An entrepreneur. A daughter. A sister. A wife. A mother. A woman who was recently given the gift of Kenny G for Valentine’s Day. But in 2022, she hopes to add another title to add to her CV: lawyer.

In a new Vogue cover story, Kardashian West revealed that last summer, she began a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco, and that she’s hoping to take the bar exam in 2022. Now, if you’re asking yourself, “How can she take the bar without going to law school?,” which is something that I, someone who once studied for but did not complete the LSAT, wondered, Vogue clarifies:

Turns out, four U.S. states, including California, offer another path to passing the bar — what is known as “reading the law,” or apprenticing with a practicing lawyer or judge.

Ah. Got it.

But back on point: It doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to learn that Kardashian West is “reading the law.” After all, her husband Kanye West said last fall that she was in law school (but then backtracked), and Kardashian West has been working on criminal justice reform.

And, how are her legal studies going so far? Apparently, quite well, as she told Vogue: “To me, torts is the most confusing, contracts the most boring, and crim law I can do in my sleep. Took my first test, I got a 100. Super easy for me. The reading is what really gets me. It’s so time-consuming. The concepts I grasp in two seconds.”

In the days following her announcement, many mocked and criticized Kardashian West’s new aspirations, compelling her to defend her decision to follow her “dream.”

“I’ve seen some comments from people who are saying it’s my privilege or money that got me here, but that’s not the case,” she wrote next to an Instagram of her prepping for the bar. “The state bar doesn’t care who you are. Everyone can take this route if you live in a state where this is allowed.”

Now everyone wish her good luck on her “big torts essay” on negligence!

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