Milk Makeup Made More Weed Products for You

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailers

Milk Makeup, purveyor of very chill and vegan beauty products, is expanding its Kush family of products in honor of the holiday weekend. Tomorrow, on the 20th of April, you’ll be able to meet seven new Milk products specifically tailored to the hair around the eyes.

There’s White Widow, a volumizing Kush lash-primer that goes on nice and white; Aces, a waterproof version of their CBD cannabis-oil infused Kush mascara for eyes prone to perspiration and leaks; and five new shades of the world’s first weed brow gel, named MJ (cool blonde), Dub (auburn), Herb (neutral medium brown), Cypher (warm very dark brown/black), and Diesel (cool very dark brown/black).

Like their other Kush relatives, these new additions all contain hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil, an anti-inflammatory that’s really good at conditioning and moisturizing the areas it gets applied to. So if you don’t know how to smoke weed, don’t want to lose the entire weekend due to consumption of weed-infused carbs, or don’t want to risk being taken to a fire station while super stoned like my favorite raccoon, consider putting a bunch of Milk’s festive cannabis sativa seed oil products on your face instead.

Start with this green mask to hydrate, apply this green primer to get your glass skin, fill in your brows with the Kush fiber brow gel or groom them with Kush clear brow gel, prime your lashes with the Kush lash primer, paint them with the Kush mascara of your choosing, moisturize your lips with the green Kush balm that goes on clear, and amp it up later with the green Kush Lip Glaze that goes on clear and shiny.

You did it. Tight!

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Milk Makeup Made More Weed Products for You