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5 People Test a Luxury CBD Sheet Mask

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

You can put CBD in everything: gummies, burrata, even Kim Kardashian’s baby shower. So it’s no surprise that it also comes in sheet masks. Beboe is a luxury cannabis company founded by tattoo artist Scott Campbell and former YOOX executive Clement Kwan. Later this month, its CBD oil serum and face masks will launch at Barneys. The Cut tested the “high potency” masks, which have CBD, plant-extracted AHAs, ceramides, and vitamins. Do they actually do anything? Here’s our verdict.

Anna Silman, senior culture writer

I tend to be skeptical of our current put-CBD-in-everything trend, yet I was surprisingly stoked to discover that I could wear it as a sheet mask. After all, I’ve used face masks that claim to contain snail extract, caviar, diamonds, and zillions of other strange ingredients — why not throw in some cannabinoid?

Applying the mask was rather unpleasant. It wasn’t sticky or goopy enough, and while it adhered to my face okay, I was constantly worried it was going to fall off. And yet when I took it off, I was surprised at the difference. My face definitely looked glowier and more luminescent, and my skin felt so poreless and soft that I couldn’t stop stroking it. Today everything seems to have gone back to normal, though, so maybe I was just a little bit high at the time. Is this stuff FDA-approved?

Kelly Conaboy, writer-at-large

The CBD sheet mask was immediately confusing because the instructions told me to remove a liner before applying it to my face, and I could find no such liner. I pulled at both sides of it, but they both seemed to be made of the same cloth-like material. Maybe mine didn’t come with a liner? Or maybe it did, and I just couldn’t locate it, and I applied the mask wrong? These questions will, I’m sure, haunt me forever.

In any case, the mask felt sturdy and expensive while it was on my face. It was like a sort-of weighty cloth, drenched in a lavender-scented cream. The scent was really good — relaxing and spa-like, plus I’m glad it did not smell like weed. I’m not sure the mask did anything for my skin, though.

Erica Smith, beauty writer

This sheet mask left me mystified. The directions instruct one to “remove the film,” but I couldn’t find any film. Unclear, but I eventually gave up on trying to peel it and put the entire thing on my face.

The mask itself is hefty. It feels like I could save it, dunk it in a different serum, and use it a second time. I can’t put my finger on what the scent is, but it’s refreshing and smells expensive and familiar — like a product I’ve only smelled during a fancy spa facial. The directions say to keep this on for up to half an hour, which sounds like a lot, but because of its weight and the thickness of the serum (it’s very lotion-y), it comfortably stayed in place for an entire episode of SVU.

When I removed the mask, my skin looked alarmingly dewy. That’s because it was really, really sticky. There wasn’t much product left to rub into my skin, so I just did a few pats. I ended up with what felt like the finish of a mattifying face primer and momentarily tingly cheeks. I have no idea what this actually did to my face, but my skin still feels smooth hours later, so there’s that!

Devine Blacksher, fashion assistant

If you ever want your face to chill, this sheet mask is the one to use. While applying it, I noticed it wasn’t as moist as other masks I’ve used, which I liked because it left less watery residue. In the first few minutes, I didn’t feel much. But about halfway through, I started to feel a chilling sensation on my face. It was extremely calming and made me feel like the product was working.

Once the chill sensation kicked in, the muscles in my face started to relax. After I took the mask off, I noticed that I felt drowsy, almost slap-happy, through my whole body. Overall, I would definitely use this sheet mask again because of the whole body effect.

Kathleen Hou, beauty director

Like everyone else, I could not find this “film” that the instructions keep telling us to remove. I also couldn’t tell which way was meant to be up and which was down, so I decided the printed side (etched with some designs that recall Da Vinci’s Virtruvian Man, maybe?) was meant to face the outside. I don’t have a lot of faith in CBD beauty products, but I think after a few minutes of putting this on that I felt some light, not unpleasant tingling on my face. I also did feel chill, the most common side effect of CBD, but I was also wearing a fuzzy bath robe, watching The Great British Baking Show, and doing a face mask, so how could I not be?

After I removed the mask, my skin felt slightly sticky. It wasn’t cold or dewy and it didn’t feel refreshed the way it does after most sheet masks. It didn’t look worse, but I’m not sure that I noticed a huge physical improvement. But maybe it’s all about the chill anyway.

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5 People Test a Luxury CBD Sheet Mask