These Are the Best Suits I’ve Ever Seen

Walter “Clyde” Frazier. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Walt “Clyde” Frazier is a New York legend. First, he was a star player for the Knicks throughout the late 1960s and ’70s, setting team records. Now at 74, Clyde is the most stylish courtside analyst, breaking down each of the Knicks’ games at Madison Square Garden.

What Clyde has done with his courtside suits is something we can all hope to achieve in our lives: take something standard and conventional (like the suit), and transform it into something exciting, textured, colorful, brilliant … inspiring.

And while the Knicks’ season this year may have left basketball fans wanting more, there is nothing more that can be asked of Clyde. He’s truly delivered. Thanks to a spectacular Instagram account dedicated to archiving and grading all of his suits from each year, we every bold choice he’s made this season is documented for admiration and discussion. Here are the best suits from Clyde’s season.

1. A crushed velvet blazer and an animal-print tie.

This was Clyde’s last look of the season, and quite frankly it was one of his best. He paired a Champagne-colored crushed velvet blazer with a leopard print tie. And underneath? A turquoise, brown, and tan, shirt. Could anyone else pull this off? Probably not. Does Clyde achieve something wondrously glitzy and bizarre here? Absolutely.

2. A blue velvet crocodile blazer paired with a rainbow tie.

Traditional wisdom would say that if one of your items of clothing is a blue, velvet, crocodile-printed piece of fabric, everything else should be as plain as possible. Clyde has ditched tradition: his very busy blazer is worn with an even busier tie, something that instantly draws to mind a hectic party in the ’80s. I love it. It’s perfect.

3. A pink and black floral printed vest with a red and white polka-dotted shirt.

Taking big risks with your style means that sometimes, you’ll produce an outfit that no one would dare replicate. Imagine the bravery of the person who brought gauchos back! I think that’s what is happening here. Clyde took florals, and he did make them groundbreaking. Would I wear this? No. Do I enjoy looking at it? Of course.

4. A muted velvet paisley blazer with a neon printed paisley tie.

Mixing prints is already a decision that implies confidence; based on the previous looks, it is clear that Clyde has plenty. But to mix TWO paisley prints, of entirely different color palettes, and walk out into the world? Incredible.

5. A hot pink plaid blazer and a psychedelic tie.

Cher Horowitz who? A nearly monochromatic ensemble seamlessly blending three overpowering prints. Hot pink, bright orange, and purple? It’s like the coolest set of nails you’ve seen on Instagram come to life.

6. A red cow-print blazer and a red tie.

Red cow print is … it is brilliant. Inspiring. It could work on a runway or at a rodeo. It is the most exciting item of clothing I think I’ve ever seen.

Thank you Clyde, for making even the most boring of clothing and basketball seasons feel like a party.

These Are the Best Suits I’ve Ever Seen