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Nordstrom’s Latest Pop-In Shop Features Sustainable Brands

Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Monday was Earth Day, a reminder to think more conscientiously about the stuff we buy every day. When it comes to clothes, the best thing to do is not to shop at all, or to buy vintage — but if you’re looking to treat yourself, you can do it responsibly with sustainable clothing.

Nordstrom celebrated Earth Day by opening a new boutique of sustainable brands called Pop-In@Nordstrom, curated by the company’s VP of creative projects, Olivia Kim. Among its 200 sustainable and recycled items, the capsule features eco-friendly brands like Ace & Jig (whose women-owned team works one-on-one with weavers in India), clothing made with 100 percent organic cotton fabric from Harvest & Mill, reusable Baggu shopping bags, and Botanica candles that support charitable organizations.

“Taking better care of our planet is a cause that I am personally invested in,” Kim said in a statement. “I’m excited to celebrate Earth Day by bringing our customers a curation of sustainable and everyday solutions from some of my favorite brands out there.” The shop is online until June 2 and available in Los Angeles–based Nordstrom stores until April 28. Scroll to see some of our favorite pieces from the collection.

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Nordstrom’s Latest Pop-In Shop Features Sustainable Brands