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This Brand New Beauty Line Is the Glowiest

Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Ta Beauty

If you’ve always dreamt of glowing in real life in that highly specific dewy but not damp, glassy but not shiny, lit-from-within and but not feverish, without having to download an app kind of way, Patrick Ta is your guy.

The celebrity makeup artist is known for turning iridescent celebrities like Shay Mitchell, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Olivia Munn, Chrissy Teigen, Ariana Grande, and Candice Swanepoel, into the really glowy people we know and expect them to be. Ta’s Instagram account has a cool 1.3 million followers double-tapping his handiwork because it’s more than a swipe of strategically placed highlighter. It’s a gleam that looks like you’ve slept the recommended nine hours every night of your entire life, and you’re always facing direct sunlight with zero squinting or sun damage.

In excellent news for those of us who don’t walk red carpets, Ta’s created his own beauty brand, Patrick Ta Beauty, and his first collection, Major Glow, launched today. It condenses this genus of glow into three products you can use on yourself and all over the place: Lip Shine, a surprisingly unsticky gloss, Body Oil, a luxurious head-to-toe spritz, and Highlighting Mist, a super-fine, blotch-free shot of highlight. All are subtly scented, very photogenic, easy to use, and dedicated to the women in Ta’s life.

“Growing up I’ve always gravitated toward women; women were the ones who made me feel comfortable in my own skin at a time in my life when I wasn’t; when I wasn’t out to the world,” Ta told the Cut. “I wanted to create products to empower women to feel confident and feel beautiful in their own skin, which is how women continue to make me feel to this to day. This collection is for my mother, my sister, my best friends.”

And for you! The pearlescent shimmers throughout the collection create universally flattering tints of glow — of champagne, bronze, and peachy pink — that always allow your own skin to shine through. Even the product names (Look at Her, We Need Her, She’s an Influencer, Is She Younger Than Me?) are meant to hype you up. They’re based on phrases Ta regularly uses when he’s working with A-listers before big events. “Right before my clients walk on the carpet, I always say, ‘You look like a dream,’ or, ‘This is going to be a moment,’ before they leave to keep them feeling confident,” Ta explained, referencing the two shades of Body Oil: A Moment and A Dream.

Another fun Ta confidence boost comes in the form of a multipurpose setting fan — a real fan that he created to shield areas you don’t want to spray with shine (your eyeballs), target the areas you do (your cheekbones and collar bone), and set everything else (your entire face). “We makeup artists are always using hands or eyeshadow palettes to dry things, but you need a little wind to set a face,” Ta explained before citing a few other need-cases for the accessory.

“You also just need to feel a little bit extra when your whole look is done,” he said, fanning himself as a demonstration. “And honestly, I’m Asian, so, you know … gotta have a pink fan.”

Comes in two shades: A Moment (above), and A Dream.

Comes in three shades: Is She Younger Than Me? (above), She’s an Influencer, and She’s Expensive.

Comes in three shades: Look at Her (above), We Love Her, and We Need Her.

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This Brand New Beauty Line Is the Glowiest