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I Love This Green Face Oil That Smells Like Weed

Photo: Herbivore/Courtesy of Sephora

Ever since it launched last fall, Herbivore’s Emerald Oil has been the last step in my makeup routine. I like its rich-but-not-too-rich consistency, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am swayed by how chic it looks in my medicine cabinet. With one drop rubbed together in my hands, I pat it into my cheekbones to get a nice, dewy finish.

This new version contains hemp-extracted full-spectrum CBD, the hot skin-calming ingredient that’s flooded the beauty market of late. Herbivore boosted its calming powers by throwing in turmeric root and ashwagandha, two ayurvedic adaptogens they say helps reduce the appearance of stressed skin.

Looking stressed is something my skin does very well, but, unfortunately, oils don’t have the best track record with my sensitive complexion, which tends to better receive its calming and anti-aging ingredients through old-school vehicles like serums and moisturizers. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use a little of this oil in a more superficial, beauty-hack way, as a sort of beauty finisher. And the fun doesn’t stop with my glistening cheeks. The aroma, which is a heady, full-on weed, makes me giggle every time I use it. For the record, I was also this cool in high school.

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I Love This Green Face Oil That Smells Like Weed