Rihanna Exacts Justice on Drunken Oyster Thief

Rihanna. Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

A drunk guy in London reportedly made a huge mistake the other day: He decided it was a good idea to steal from Rihanna during a recent night out. According to a report by the Sun, the drunken thief opted to take an oyster from the singer’s plate — rude and criminal! — and the Fenty Beauty mogul exacted an extremely just revenge.

The tabloid reports that Rihanna was spotted out at the exclusive London restaurant Chiltern Fire­house on Wednesday when the mollusk theft took place. The drunk man in question reportedly stole an oyster off of her platter as she hung out with friends — and so, Rihanna reportedly made the guy pay £250 ($327) for an entirely new plate of oysters, which is extremely understandable in our opinion. A source told the Sun:

“Rihanna went all out ordering platters and platters of oysters for her entourage. One lad, who was drunk, bowled over to her table and pinched one, thinking it would be hilarious. He passed it over to one of his mates, who was oblivious it came from Rihanna’s table.”

The Sun reports that the guy was then told off by one of Rihanna’s friends, and that he “had no choice” but to whip out his credit card to pay for a fresh platter. But Rihanna, who is said to be in London to record her new album, literally warned us all against taking what’s hers, so the drunk thief couldn’t be surprised that there were reportedly consequences to his crime.

Rihanna Exacts Justice on Drunken Oyster Thief