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Joe Biden Just Won’t Learn His Lesson on SNL

Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden.
Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden. Photo: Saturday Night Live/Screenshot via Youtube.

Joe Biden’s jokes about the allegations of inappropriate and nonconsensual touching from eight different women were not funny, and his inability to apologize or take the situation seriously became a target on last night’s Saturday Night Live. For the cold open, SNL brought former cast member Jason Sudeikis back to play a giddy, grabby Joe Biden.

In the sketch, Biden’s worried staffers (played by Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson) bring in Gwen (Kate McKinnon) to try to teach Biden how to behave around women. Biden greets Gwen by placing his forehead against hers while his staffers beg him to stop. “Yeah, so this is exactly the kind of thing that I’m here to prevent,” Gwen says through clenched teeth.

Gwen tasks Biden with meeting two female voters and introducing himself in a respectful way. With the first voter (Aidy Bryant), Biden starts to grip her face in his hands, then realizes he’s “gotta keep it neutral, I’ve got to greet her like I’m greeting a guy.” The interaction ends with the voter punching Biden in the stomach.

When Gwen introduces the second voter (Leslie Jones), she tells Biden that she is looking for a candidate to beat Donald Trump. “Oh, you mean the guy that actually bragged about assault on tape?” Biden asks.

“Yes. Yes,” one of his staffers responds. “But unlike his voters, your voters actually care.”

Watch the full clip below.

Joe Biden Just Won’t Learn His Lesson on SNL