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This K-Beauty Brand Wants Your Skin to Glow for Spring

Photo: Courtesy of Sulwhasoo

Spring cleaning is a great annual tradition, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t extend to your skin-care routine as well. The seasons are changing, and the kind of attention your skin needs is probably changing as well. Enter three new products from K-beauty powerhouse Sulwhasoo that are looking to revitalize your dull winter skin.

The Bloomstay Vitalizing Collection contains a water, a serum, and a cream. They’ve all been formulated with plum blossom extract, an antioxidant which should help protect skin from environmental “aggressors” like pollution and sun damage. The water (essentially an essence) is the first step in the routine, and uses something rather impressively called “Flexible Water Drop Technology” to instantly absorb into skin and leave a dewy finish. After your flexible water drops have been absorbed, you can move on to the serum, which also purports to absorb instantly and give skin a “lifted, glowing” look. Then, you can finish off your routine with the cream, a silky, lightweight moisturizer that, you guessed it, absorbs instantly into skin for a smooth, nourishing finish.

The products are available now, and whether you want to try one or all three, they will quickly become an instantly absorbing part of your skin-care routine, which, let’s face it, after months of binging Netflix from the warm comfort of your sofa, probably needs a little vitality for the upcoming warm weather.

This K-Beauty Brand Wants Your Skin to Glow for Spring