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Nora McInerny on How to Get It Done While Grieving

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On this week’s How I Get It Done podcast episode, Stella Bugbee talks to Nora McInerny, a self-labeled “tragedy connoisseur.” In 2014, McInerny had a miscarriage and lost her father and husband in a six-week span. In the years since she’s written books entitled No Happy Endings, It’s Okay to Laugh, (Crying is Cool Too), and The Hot Young Widows Club, as well as started her podcast called Terrible, Thanks for Asking. Stella and Nora discussed how to get it done while grieving, and how to manage the unmanageable.

 NORA: At some point your brain sort of unwraps all of those feelings and hands them to you at really inopportune times, and I would be somewhere completely unemotional, and someone would ask me something, and it would hit me as if I were hearing it for the first time, and I would basically just start crying and be like, Oh my God, my husband’s dead. The person would be like, “Ma’am, this is Starbucks. We need you to just go. We just need your order and your first name. That’s it. That’s all we need.”

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Nora McInerny on How to Get It Done While Grieving